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Comments from Our ADR Clients

Abrams Mediation and Arbitration, Inc.—Dallas, Texas

David Woodward, Cobb Martinez Woodward PLLC

“Jeff takes the time to understand the case and the issues. It is this understanding that puts him on equal footing with the litigants and allows him to speak with authority and confidence to the parties. Jeff’s patience and demeanor allows him to confront difficult and emotional issues head-on and keep the mediation moving in a positive way..”

Mark Appleton, Esq.Moseley, Busser & Appleton
Denver, CO

“Jeff, thanks again for your time. I think you did a terrific job as a mediator working with both sides in this matter.”

Scott Barnard, Esq., Akin Gump
Dallas, TX

“I have always found Jeff to be thoughtful, fair and balanced and tenacious in achieving a settlement at mediation. His demeanor is always professional and engaging and he always makes both sides feel as if they are getting a fair shake.”

Mark Bayer, Esq., Gardere Wynne
Dallas, TX

“Jeff is one of the most effective mediators I have worked with. He is tireless and creative. He is not just an offer carrier. He communicates the other party's position clearly and I trust him to communicate my client's position in an equally effective manner. He is truly the honest broker that is required for both sides to reach an acceptable resolution of their dispute.”

Craig Brinker, Esq., Henslee Schwartz
Dallas, TX

“Jeff is an excellent choice for a mediator in any complex case. Why? He gets it done.”

Jim Burgess, Esq., Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
Los Angeles, CA

“Jeff quickly and accurately evaluates a case and is able to move the parties to reach a resolution. Jeff is a great communicator and is dedicated to closing the deal. In our case, he worked through a complex subject matter, and unreasonable demands to create a dialogue that made sense. He worked all day and all night and we did not settle until the early morning hours, but we did reach a resolution. This was my first time using Jeff. I highly recommend him for mediating any complex or difficult case.”

Eli Burriss, Esq., DLA Piper
Dallas TX

“I have mediated with Jeff several times, always with exceptional results. Jeff is always prepared and provides terrific insight. I would not hesitate to retain Jeff in another matter or recommend him to a colleague.”

Lee Cusenbary, Esq., General Counsel, Mission Pharmacal Company
San Antonio, TX

“We almost didn't engage in mediation because of the harsh words that had already been exchanged. Your mediation skills allowed us to communicate and find a middle ground we could both live with. We could not have done it without you. I couldn't be more pleased with your mediation technique and the value you added to the negotiation. Your success in mediation saved both sides’ time and money. We will be calling you for the next impossible mediation.”

Kevin Delaney, Esq., General Counsel, The Trane Company
Tyler, TX

“You deserve special credit for your diligence in preparing the parties for the actual mediation session. This detailed, advanced preparation enabled you to facilitate a successful result on terms acceptable to all parties. In our case it was crucial to eliminating roadblocks that would otherwise have derailed successful resolution. Your preparation, style, and commitment to delivering results were nothing short of phenomenal. I know who to go to in the future on complex cases.”

Honorable A. Joe Fish, U.S. District Judge, ND TX
Dallas, TX

“You developed an excellent mediation program for this Court. Your assistance as advisors and mediators has been invaluable.”

Karen Fitzgerald, Esq., Kleiman Lawrence Baskind & Fitzgerald
Dallas, TX

“Thanks again for all of your hard work, especially pushing the defendant over the psychological six-figure barrier. It really meant a great deal to my client, who is thrilled at both the result and at having the matter resolved. We really appreciate your hard work on this.”

Beverly Godbey, Esq., Gardere Wynne Sewell
Dallas, TX

“Thank you for your initiative and professionalism in successfully concluding our negotiations.”

Jimmy Goodman, Esq., Crowe & Dunlevy, P.C.
Oklahoma City, OK

“I was impressed with your professionalism and the way in which you handled the clients and counsel, and also the way in which you saw the opening available and pursued it effectively. I hope we have the chance to work together once again.”

Stephen Hash, Esq., Vinson & Elkins
Austin, TX

“We have used Jeff on a number of occasions in very complex patent matters. His skill, professionalism and refusal to quit have gotten disputes resolved. Jeff is outstanding and I recommend him without reservation.”

Daniel Healy, Executive Vice President and Partner, Royalton Real Estate Capital
Dallas, TX

“Jeff, you are exceptionally good at what you do. In our recent mediation with a party whom I despise to such a degree that I refuse to mention his name, you were able not only to keep me focused on the solution to the problem, but also to keep the other side focused on what was within the realm of reality. Quite honestly, I came into the mediation process skeptical of its value and convinced that it would lead nowhere, especially given the intense mutual distrust among the parties. Even now, I am somewhat amazed that you were able to broker a workable settlement. It is a testament to your skill and experience. Everyone at Royalton would like to thank you for your professionalism and hard work in helping to resolve this dispute. Your ability to act as an honest broker for both sides is rare indeed.”

Lisa Henderson, Esq., Sedgwick LLP
Dallas, TX

“Jeff has mediated several difficult cases for me that I thought had no chance of settling. However, through his hard work and creativity, we reached a settlement in all of the cases. I would highly recommend him.”

Rob Hoffman, Esq., Gardere Wynn
Dallas, TX

“Jeff had been referred to me with high praise by several of my partners. After spending a day with Jeff in mediation, I can plainly see why. Jeff settled the quintessential impossible-to-settle case--a case in which the parties themselves had tried but failed to settle for over a year. After quick study of the issues keeping the parties apart, Jeff displayed welcome out of the box strategic thinking and excellent negotiation skills throughout the day. My client left pleased, as did the other side. I will obviously send more cases to Jeff to resolve.”

Michael K. Hurst, Esq., Gruber Hurst Johansen Hail Shank LLP
Dallas, TX

“Jeff is an excellent mediator. He has the brains, tenacity and temperament to make him a great choice for employment and commercial litigation cases.”

Andrew G. Jubinsky, Esq., Figari Davenport and Graves
Dallas, TX

“Jeff takes the time to understand and analyze the issues and is committed to the mediation process – he is truly a specialist in this field.”

John Jansonius, Esq., Akin Gump, Dallas, TX

“My experiences with Abrams Mediation have been consistently positive. Jeff Abrams takes every engagement seriously and puts considerable energy and creativity into finding means for resolution. At the same time, he makes the negotiation process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for the parties and the attorneys.”

Robert E. Lapin, Esq., Lapin & Landa, LLP"
Houston, TX

“Thank you once again for your diligent handling of the successful mediation of yesterday's case.  As with most mediations in which I participate, I always begin by presuming that the parties are too far apart and that the hurdles facing a successful mediation will be too significant to overcome.  I have now learned to make no more such assumptions with you in charge as you got the job done.”

Matt Levin, Esq. Markowitz Herbold Glade & Mehlhaf, PC
Portland, OR

“Jeff worked with me on a highly contentious, lengthy mediation. He built a very high level of trust with the client, and had helpful ideas for creative settlement solutions. Much to everyone's surprise, we settled the case. I recommend Jeff.”

Harold Loftin, Esq., SEC
Ft. Worth, TX 

“Jeff is an excellent mediator.”

Eric D. Madden, Esq., Diamond McCarthy
Dallas, TX

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for your efforts yesterday. Your patience, persistence, and insight allowed the parties to settle a very contentious case. It wouldn’t have happened without you. I’ve already sent a firm-wide email highly recommending you to my partners.”

Mark Maddox, Esq., Moseley, Busser & Appleton
Denver, CO:

“From a lawyer who has spent the last 20 plus years of his career primarily representing investors, I want to commend you for your great skill as a mediator in our recent securities mediation. I thought you accomplished everything one hopes a mediator will do for a claimant in these securities disputes: you gave my client an opportunity to tell you her story and vent, you lead a fair negotiation, and at the end of the day you convinced the other side to offer her a number that was a lot higher than they wanted to pay. You also handled my client with an appropriate demeanor as you discussed with her the weaknesses of her case and the risks of going forward in arbitration. You struck the right tone all day.”

Frank Majorie, Esq., The Majorie Firm
Dallas, TX

“I have mediated millions of dollars of complex commercial cases all over the country in front of dozens of mediators.  The best mediators combine native intelligence, knowledge of the law, business acumen, and people smarts.  Jeff Abrams possesses all of these qualities and more:  he also cares deeply about the process and works tirelessly to get to “yes.”

Brant Martin, Esq., Wick Phillips
Dallas, TX

“Jeff has helped me settle several different cases that were at first glance, not the types that would normally settle. He works very hard to understand the issues ahead of time with excellent preparation - going in, he actually does know the case. He works well with clients and opposing parties, even those that have no intention of settling pre-mediation, to get good results. I recommend him highly.”

Nona Matthews, Esq., Walsh, Anderson, Brown, Schulze & Aldridge
Irving, TX

“Usually such cooperation and creative thinking is only seen in theory in mediation training sessions. I believe that we did a good thing for everyone involved [and] had you not been there, a successful outcome was questionable at best. I see on your e-mail the note of “Litigation Resolution & Negotiation Specialist – Innovative Solutions for Complex or Difficult Matters.”I can’t think of anything much more complex than special education! You truly lived up to your claims.”

John B. Rizo, Sr., Esq., Kirkpatrick & Lockhart
Dallas, TX

“The parties were strongly entrenched in their positions. Through your understanding of the issues and the parties, you were able to help the parties find common ground and resolve their case. You did an outstanding job.”

Katherine McGovern, Esq., Assistant United States Attorney - Retired
Dallas, TX

“During the 20+ years that I was an Assistant United States Attorney (ret. 4/2011), Jeff mediated a number of cases in which I was the lead federal civil prosecutor. The subject areas of the cases involved a variety of tort cases and financial litigation (contract) cases. In every case (estimate more than 10), Jeff provided excellent service to my client agency and to the opposing client. Generally we were able to reach a negotiated settlement to resolve the dispute(s). Whether the case was resolved or not, I observed that all parties and their counsel were treated with respect, interest and a sincere presentation of the options which mediation resolution provided, without attempting to push any particular side. I have no hesitation in either retaining Jeff's services in the future or in providing a superior recommendation for Jeff's skills as a mediator.”

Harriet Miers, Esq., Locke Lord
Dallas, TX

“Jeff Abrams provides an excellent option in the choice of a mediator.  He is insightful, patient, balanced, creative, and articulate in helping parties find a path forward to resolve their differences.”

Patrick W. Powers, Esq., Cash Klemchuk Powers & Taylor
Dallas, TX

“I appreciate all of your hard work yesterday in getting this case resolved. I think that you did a great job for the parties, and I hope to be able to use your services again soon.”

David E. Robbins, Esq., Kaufmann Feiner Yamin Gildin & Robbins

“On behalf of the Practising Law Institute, I want to sincerely thank you for not only being on our faculty but for making an important contribution to the course book. I very much appreciated the homework you did on arbitrator selection – your presentation was clear and the distinctions were easy to follow. I also appreciated the guidance you gave attendees in the mediator and arbitration sessions.”

Bobby Rubarts, Esq., Koning Rubarts
Dallas, TX

“Jeff is hard-working, determined and creative. He was the mediator in a complex, multi-party dispute which, in my view, had next to no chance of settling at the scheduled mediation. Jeff quickly identified the party that was seeking to block a resolution, and focused his attention on the other parties. Although the one obstinate party sought to prevent any party from settling, Jeff's strategy worked, and two of the three defendants wound up settling with my client.”

Bill Schuurman, Esq.,Vinson & Elkins"
Austin, TX

“I wanted to tell you that we all very much appreciated the way in which you handled our mediation and how you managed to get our messages across to the plaintiff.”

N. Henry Simpson, III, Esq., Simpson Woolley McConachie
Dallas, TX

“Your even-handed and analytical approach, as well as your aggressiveness in the right degree and at the right time enabled the parties to resolve a dispute which required the utmost of each of those three qualities. The result is one which is very satisfying to my investor-clients. Thank you for a job well done.”

Kirk Smith, Esq., Shepherd, Smith & Edwards
Houston, TX

“The important thing for me as a claimants’ attorney in the field of securities arbitration is to find a mediator that understands the brokerage industry and how the FINRA arbitration process works.  Jeff gets it.  He understands these types of cases and can articulate, to either side, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the case.”

Derek Sorrells

“I believe you were instrumental in helping the parties recognize and assess their respective strengths and weaknesses without appearing to be “pulling”for one side or the other until the parties reached a mutually satisfactory settlement. I would highly recommend you to anyone who asks you for the name of an experienced securities mediator.”

R.J. Sullivan, Jr., Sullivan and Company
Tulsa, OK

“I wish to express my thanks for your very professional and effective work in resolving this matter. You should know that all of us representing Sullivan’s interests, myself chief among them, felt that you did a very good job of mediating this dispute.”

Ron Thrash, Esq., Shepherd, Smith & Edwards
Houston, TX

“Jeff is knowledgeable about securities arbitrations. Knows the legal points, but more importantly, knows how cases unfold in front of panels. Has integrity in making his own assessments about the parties' positions, while not pushing people to abandon their views in favor of his. In short, you get an independent opinion of your case (if you want it). Finally, Jeff has the energy to stay with the process until it finishes. That may be days or weeks later in certain instances, but he won't pressure you to take a bad settlement. In my view, Jeff is an honest broker for both sides.”

Jeffrey S. Tolley, Esq., The Rodriguez Firm, P.C.
Dallas, TX

“Jeff - you did a great job as a mediator. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.”

Rogue Tyson, Esq., General Counsel, Nationwide Construction Group
Chesterfield, MI

“In view of the invaluable assistance you brought to our cause, I offer the following tribute: “Jeff was, without a doubt, indispensable to our settlement.  His custom-tailored, common sense approach was surgically precise for the challenges he faced.  And, while it is said, “si vis pacem parabellum,”Jeff wisely reminds all that if you wish for peace, prepare for compromise.”

Tass Waterston, Esq., Shackelford, Melton & McKinley
Dallas, TX

“Given the contentious history underlying the parties’ dispute, I was very impressed with your leadership, patience and professionalism in directing this case towards settlement.”

R. David Weaver, Esq. The Weaver Law Firm
Arlington, TX

“Jeff Abrams offers value and hard work in resolving difficult disputes.”

Joseph Zopolsky, Esq., Glast, Phillips & Murray
Dallas, TX

“Jeff has served as a mediator in multiple cases for our firm over the course of several years, many of which involved substantially complicated legal issues. He has been appointed and endorsed by sitting judges, and recommended by defense and plaintiffs attorneys, aslike. He is skilled, knowledgeable, and effective. I would recommend Jeff without qualification.”